Musical Instruments for Kids

baby G playing the organ

Whenever K plays the organ, baby G would climb on her lap and start hitting the keys as soon as he reaches them. I wonder if my kids will eventually become musicians. Now I am getting more and more interested with music as my kids are naturally drawn to it. 

Having said that, we have a series of Baby Einstein DVD but baby G's all time favourite is the Orchestra where they show all types of music instruments. They are neatly categorized into brass instruments, percussion instruments, string instruments, and woodwind instruments. 

Baby G is particularly drawn to the string instruments like the violin, fiddle, harp, guitar, viola, zither and ukelele. On the other hand, K is into woodwind instruments. In fact, she can play the recorder very well. How about you, what is your favourite musical instrument when you were a kid? 


  1. I used to play with the switches of our electric fan pretending it is a keyboard :)

  2. You've shared some good ideas. I didn't think of musical toys that could be used during bath time. Manufacturer's ideas on toys that are made to include lots of different instruments are good ones too.

    I think that helps them keep things tidier and stay organized too. There are less toys for hem to put away after they have finished playing. Hopefully, seeing the instruments organized that way will create an expectation from early that that is how toys look best, neatly organized so you can play without feeling overwhelmed by a mess.