Family Journal: One Perfectly Ordinary Weekend

Hello mommies and friends! How was your weekend? Ours was spent with the kids as usual but this time around we didn't wander anywhere far. Hubby attended a Revit course on Saturday while I worked for half day. I arrived home around 1:30pm and tried to put baby G to sleep while K went for her catechism class. Baby G had tantrums and refused to sleep so I decided to bring him for a walk in our neighbourhood park. 

I love the location of our new place, lots of greeneries around us!
Baby G loves nature as much as we do. We have been introducing him to butterflies, flowers, birds, trees and almost everything. He says wooooooooow when he sees something beautiful with his naked eyes. Hehehe. 

Baby G sleeping soundly in his playpen

After finishing his bottle of milk, he fell asleep while we walked around the park. I brought him home and transferred him on his playpen then I went to take a much needed nap too. I was deprived of sleep the past few nights.

Was worried sick because baby G's cough keeps coming back. His sleep was constantly disturbed at night because he keeps on barking. We brought him to his paediatrician alreadbut his cough was really stubborn and annoying.

Thank God as of this writing, he ceased coughing already. Last night, I only woke up once to make his milk. 

The hubby came home around 3pm and let me sleep some more before waking me up to prepare the kids for the anticipated sunset mass. I told him we should just let baby G rest at home. Good decision coz heavy rain began to fall when we were leaving the house. 

Had homecooked dinner at home after the mass and we watched Shrek 2 while munching on Hawaiian pizza. Our Friday movie night normally have part 2 on Saturdays. K would choose a movie from her dvd collection unless there's a good movie playing on a cable channel.

Sunday morning, I cooked breakfast (my mom had to finish cooking my fried rice because baby G keeps coming to the kitchen to look for me) before waking the hubby up. He told me he was supposed to do some report but I don't know why he's so hardworking, he decided to repaint the dining room instead. Way before we moved in our new flat, K already made a pact with him to do the painting.

K painted her name on the wall while helping daddy to repaint the dining room

For K, painting spells F-U-N. See how she wrote her name while helping daddy do the first coating. She had a grand time with the rollers and paint brushes.

K and M re-painting the dining room
I played with baby G while they were having fun painting. When I'm at home, he sticks to me like a glue.

Hubby played The Beatles on our smartTV
I also had a wonderful time dancing with him in the tune of Twist and Shout by The Beatles. K used to dance with this song when she was 2yr old.

The Big Box by Pizza Hut
We had Pizza Hut's The Big Box delivered for lunch. No dieting on weekends for us. We eat home-cooked food during weekdays.

When they are done painting, I rewarded K with a badminton game. We have not played for ages and she's been begging me and M to play with her. We were both sweating like mad after playing. What a fun way to exercise!

After that, K and I had a cube fight before bedtime. We run around the house hitting each other with baby G's ABC cubes made of sponge. It always feels great to be a kid myself. My mom was laughing at us, she commented we were more like siblingsHehehe.

What a perfect ordinary weekend we had! Writing this journal helps me beat Monday blues. I know I had a scheduled post for today but since I was in the mood to write, please bear with my blah-berings. Have a fabulous week ahead peeps!

Till then...



  1. oh, your perfect ordinary day sounds really like that Che, PERFECT!!!! simply pleasurable that you guys really know how to make the most of what you have including time in life. love your shot of K painting with her name on the wall, super artistic :)

  2. Everyday is an ordinary day.

    And how happy we are in all these days.

  3. what a precious weekend...nothing ordinary because you are a one of a kind, one of the most beautiful families in the you always say, not perfect yet perfectly imperfectly happy and blessed....yabyew! would love love love to tickle and kiss baby G! and K gave me a smile with her painted name :) great job your daddy "Mondabest" is doing....mwahhhugggssss!!!