Outdoor Fountain for Our Dream House

I've always been fascinated with all types of fountains for as long as I can remember but I have a penchant for outdoor wall fountains in particular. They compliment the beauty of nature outdoors and they have this soothing and refreshing effect that never fails to make me feel rejuvenated and stress free.

I am planning to create a mini-garden outside our flat and I would love to have a wall fountain installed as a backdrop to my flowering plants. I am sure K and baby G who have been infected with my love for all things beautiful would go wooooow if I do. The only issue now is how much would it cost me to do so.


  1. what a very beautiful framing for that fountain shot, Che, love it. I can imagine K and G saying woooooow :) hehe. 

  2. Beautiful framing indeed twinzy! I can imagine baby G saying wow :) would love to see your planned garden one sweet day :)