P5 Annual School Camp

Letter of notification from K's school
Undeniably, I now have a big girl and that big girl (K) is going for a school camp for 3 days this week. To say that K is excited is an understatement. She keeps telling me like a broken recorder how she looks forward to the camping with matching screaming, jumping and smiling ear to ear. Truth be told, I have been infected by her excitement. 

K's shopping list for the camping
I am having happy thoughts about joining the fun in their campfire this coming Friday night when I realized I haven't bought the other important things that K needs like sleeping bag. I need to go to a camp store today after work. Supermom duties never ends but I am loving it! Ssssshhh, I will share you a little secret. The typical mommy in me couldn't wait to see a more responsible and braver girl after the camping. 


  1. hahahahahaha glad to know your are not in panic mode :) go go go K...have fun and come home a more responsible and braver girl after the camping :) goodluck missing her twinzypots hahaha :)

  2. hi dear sis!
    so sorry for the buzzing zzzzzz i've been these past few months. ^0^
    thanks for dropping by.
    miss reading your blog and updates on your life and your precious kids.
    camping ni dear Kyla reminded me of my camping days also.
    but those darn lamoks and insects keep attacking my skin. tsk,tsk.
    well, i hope she enjoys this trip which i'm sure she will. ^-^