Penang Weekend Getaway (Day 2/Part 1)


Last Thursday, I blogged about how we spent our day 1 in Penang here. It's time for day 2, part 1.

We slept like babies after climbing a staircase all the way up to Kek Lok Si Temple on our first day in Penang then woke up on day 2 feeling energize and ready for the next adventure. Our hotel booking did not come with a complimentary breakfast so we headed out to find some local food around the hotel vicinity.

Walked passed this eatery called Rooftop Kafe that serves local Malaysian and western cuisine but decided to find a local hawker centre nearby because they charge tourist price.

We were lucky to find one few meters away from Rooftop Kafe. The food stall vendors are very warm and friendly. When travelling, it's best to experience things and eat the way locals do to have a taste of their authentic local food and understand a little bit about their culture. The food did not disappoint. Cheap yet savoury. It tasted great along with the freshly blended fruit juice.

I found this little beauty in the midst of the hawker centre basking in the warmth of the morning sun. It's called peanut flower if I am not mistaken. Have I not become a photo enthusiast, I wouldn't have paid attention to it.

After finishing our breakfast, we found a local bakery called Bake N Take. We bought some local delicacies to bring back and munch in the hotel.

We had no itinerary for day 2 because we planned to just hang around the beach but since Penang Butterfly Farm is just 13km away from the hotel and it's still early, we decided to rush back to the hotel to freshen up for the butterfly farm adventure.

After half an hour or so, we were all set to explore Penang Butterfly Farm. Initially, we thought of taking a taxi all the way there but we ended up taking the local bus just like the previous day when we went to Kek Lok Si Temple. We had to cross the road this time around as we were heading to the other side of Penang.

We had to pass by Batu Ferringhi before reaching Teluk Bahang where the butterfly farm is located. The long stretch of Batu Ferringhi beach is awe-inspiring. We spotted numerous hotels along the beach including Hard Rock Hotel, Holiday Inn, and Park Royal.

The photo addict in me took snapshots from a moving bus. Just my luck I captured The Ship, a restaurant with unique exterior that resembles an almost life-size hull of a ship.

The Ship is located right next to this Seafood Village and according to their website, they have the reputation of serving the best steak in town. Should we travel to Penang again in the future, I will book a hotel along Batu Ferringhi and explore more of this place to have a taste of the food they serve.

I wasn't lucky enough to have a good capture of the Teluk Bahang Monkey Cup Roundabout. We alighted the bus near this area and walked all the way to Penang Butterfly Farm.

After more or less 15 minutes of walking under the scorching sun (too late to regret not taking a taxi), we finally reached our destination. We bought an icecream from the street vendor to cool us down as we were all sweating like mad upon arriving.

Obligatory family photo opp at the farm entrance. Admission fee is required, RM27 for adults and RM15 for children.

Be awe-inspired as we did as you scroll down. As usual, I will let my snapshots do the talking.

You can see some of the beautiful butterflies we saw at the farm here. Apologies if I didn't do any proper review and feature of the butterfly farm. Will edit my Penang Butterfly Farm post when I find time.

One among many other things that K learned from the farm: SAVE OUR BUTTERFLIES. It was a fun learning experience for the whole family. Penang Butterfly Farm is more than just a tourist attraction. I will do a proper feature/review one of this days.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of our day 2 in Penang. We went back to the hotel after taking in all the nature wonders at Penang Butterfly Farm and had a great time exploring the beach. Don't miss it!

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  1. oh, love that small island by the sea Che, and the ship like boat, and of course, the butterfly pictures, I am like you, I keep on shooting even when inside the vehicle whenever we travel, haha.