Penang Weekend Getaway (Day2/Part2)

I can't wait for #throwbackthursday so I am posting this for #traveltuesday but this is still a throwback/ flashback nonetheless. :D

Since day 1, K has been bugging us to bring her to the pool. We were dead tired from the flight and exploring Kek Lok Si Temple on our first day so we didn't go for a night swimming as planned. We decided to just rest and sleep para may energy kami for day 2 adventures.

Here it is! The most awaited moment of my water lover girl!

K - the little mermaid
We spent earlier part of day 2 at Penang Butterfly Farm. After taking in all the nature's wonders there, we took a cab back to the hotel and headed straight to the pool after a quick rest in our hotel room. K was a picture of bliss the moment she took a dip in the water.

The hubby joined K in the pool while I kept myself busy taking photos and watching them having a wonderful time.

I sort of envied the father and daughter so I joined them. Good thing the pool wasn't very crowded. K and I had a great time splashing water to each other. 

We took a break and had the mandatory family photo opp.

Spotted these ladies having a fun conversation. This. Is. Life. 

The beach looks very inviting from where we sat so I tried to convince hubby and K to head to the beach.

We spotted an empty jet ski on the beach shore. K wanted to ride so we let her, perfect for photo opp. Haha!

Speaking of photo opp, here's more...











Isn't it obvious that we had a fabulous time strolling in the beach? We also had a grand time watching the sun go down. End result, we turned 50 shades darker. LOL. 

We decided to stay until dusk. Super happy si K, she had enough dose of water play.

We went back to the hawker centre where we had breakfast, I can't get over how yummy and cheap their food was.

We bought mangoes from a local street fruit vendor and brought it back to the hotel and ate as a dessert.

While walking back to the hotel, I spotted this Swiss themed restaurant. I just have to take a photo as it reminds me so much of my sweetest days in Switzerland.

When we reached the hotel, we went to check out the night life in the beach. 

It was pretty dark and quiet but the moon was smiling at us so we stayed for a while.

We definitely love Penang!

Last family photo opp before calling it a day...

Back in our hotel room. I said I wanted to rest already, but daddy and his girl still wanted to watch a movie on the laptop. iPad is not yet in that time. 

That wraps up our day 2! Thank God it didn't rain, super sinulit lang naman namin ang buong araw (we really made the most out of our day 2). Hehehe.

Stay tuned for day 3!

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  1. Looks like the perfect vacation - such beautiful scenery and wonderful photos of you and your family!  The food looks fantastic, too.  ;-9