Singapore: A World Class Travel Destination in Asia

My cousin, Jayson and his family based in Australia is on an Asia Tour and I am glad they included Singapore in the countries that they were visiting. He was my classmate in grade school back home. We both couldn't remember when was the last time we saw each other but it was probably during our elementary graduation. Gosh, that was ages ago! We both have two kids now but aherm we haven't aged would you agree? Haha! 

Photo credit: K (photo taken with iP5)
Ok, back to reality... 
They arrived in Singapore since Sunday night but since I'm a working mom, I only managed to arrange a dinner with them (I will talk about that in another post) last night. Mama, K and I fetched them at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel after work and brought them to Esplanade and Merlion Park before we had our dinner. 

Jayson and his wife are all praises about Singapore. It didn't surprise me at all because everytime we have relatives or friends on Singapore vacation, they always express how they appreciate the clean and safe environment in Singapore. 

Moreover, not long ago Singapore was declared to have the best infrastructures in the world. Singapore's skyline is constantly changing but I love that it's not becoming a concrete jungle because Singapore is a modern city in a garden. Need I say more? 


  1. years had passed, and yes, you haven't aged at all, the youthfulness, both in the heart and in those beautiful smiles and faces are very evident. I love the concept of modern city in a garden, indeed, you don't need to say more. wish one day I could visit you in SG Che. 

  2. Singapore is sure a world class travel destination.

  3.  Singapore is on our wish list. Let's hope we once get there.


  4. yep you need not say more twinzy...agree you both look young and yep gorgeous! your cousin's kiddos look so cute too! blessed Sunday :)

  5. It is always a pleasure to reunite with people we had/have a meaningful relationship with. The time just flies!!

  6. Singapore is undoubtly a top travel place of asia for so many reasons. It is always a favourite choice for holidays among visitors.