Sunrise at East Coast Beach Park

Last Saturday morning, my mom woke me up at 5:30am to bring baby G at East Coast Beach to catch some fresh sea breeze. I was never a morning person and even though I was exhausted from my crazy Friday (queued for almost 2hrs at Jollibee Singapore then rushed back home to attend K's campfire), I dragged myself to freshen up and have some breakfast. I changed baby G's diapers while he was still fast asleep then I carried him on a sling so that it's easier for me to flag for a taxi. I remembered about the fellow mom who told me that being a mother is tough. Yes, motherhood entails great sacrifice and unconditional love.

It was still dark when we arrived at the Castle Beach then the sky slowly turned into peach. The sea breeze and the sounds of the gentle waves made the atmosphere so serene. Baby G was already awake so I entertained him by pointing to him the aeroplanes that pass by while we walked on the beach shores. 

My heart started beating fast when the sun peeked from the clouds. It was my first time witnessing the miracle of a sun rising. 

Sunrise + Sea + Sand + Footprints = Heaven! This is the perfect way to start a day. God is A-W-E-S-O-M-E as always. He never fails to inspire with his works of wonders.

When the sun shone it's brightest, I released baby G from his sling and encouraged him to jog with me. He was very hesitant at first but when I started chanting "jogging... haha... blah blah blah"  he became as ecstatic as me and giggled while we jog hand in hand. Yes, he was still on his pyjamas. Haha.

Baby G never let go of my hand. I find it so sweet. He'd ask me to carry him once in a while but I didn't give up on encouraging him to walk in the sand.

End result? He eventually let go of my hand and started running away from me. I chased him with my camera iphone.

Look at the little guy! He's a picture of bliss! I whatsapped this to the hubby and he turned green with envy. He said he wants part 2, with him and K. K was on her last day in the school camp and the hubby had to work. 

We stayed at the beach from 6 to 8am. Wanted to stay a bit longer but we were all hungry already, we forgot to bring some food because we left in a hurry. Mama said it's best to catch the sea breeze at dawn. Before we left, I sent fervent prayers to heaven that baby G's stubborn cough will finally go away. 

Was really getting worried because he still coughs for about an hour every night or early morning. His pedia and our family doctor reassured us that there's nothing to worry about but mommies like me would understand where my anxiety is coming from. I badly need a prayer brigade for baby G. 

Prayer warriors, please include him in your prayers. Thanks in advance and have a blessed week ahead!

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  1. beautiful beautiful shots Che, I really understand why M wanted to go here as well :) so inspiring and look at G having a fun time. will keep him in prayers, hope he gets better soon.