Sunrise Photography and Family Picnic at East Coast Beach Park

The hubby was serious when he said he wanted part 2 of our early morning escape at East Coast Beach. I didn't expect the part 2 to happen too soon, as in the next day (Sunday).

Good thing the hubby reminded me to bring my camera. My phone's camera is not so bad but nothing beats a DLSR quality shot. I was glad to have captured this priceless father and son moment in the beach at golden hour. East Coast Beach is now on my top list for best spot for sunrise photography in Singapore.

Just like what I did the previous day, the hubby walked hand in hand with baby G at the beach shores. This time around, we let him play in the water.

The beach is a 10 minute taxi ride from our place. We lived near the airport and that explains the frequency of aeroplanes passing by.

With the hubby's presence I was able to do some serious sunrise photography. I was kneeling on the sand while trying to capture this magical moment. I didn't realized I caught the water splashing on the rock until I viewed it at home. 

Tremendously enjoyed some momME time. I set up our picnic mat few meters away from the beach shores. This time around, we brought along food to munch. 

We had fried rice and corned beef with potato cubes for breakfast. For dessert, we all feasted on the fruit salad that I made the previous day in celebration of my 8th year anniversary in Singapore.

After having our breakfast by the beach, I gathered the family for a mandatory family photo opp. I asked my mom to take the photo for us, please pardon the quality as it is against the light. Click here for a clearer shot of my OOTD. 

K just came from a 3-day school camp but the thought of being able to play in the sand and swimming in the beach erased all her exhaustion and sleepiness.

The hubby and baby G continued playing with the waves while K went on to swim after building sand castles. We stayed in the beach until 9:30am. 

Thank God for the lovely weather. It was a beautiful and blessed Sunday for our family.


  1. beautiful pictures, always great to captured the beauty of sunrise...:) and you're so lucky to live nearby, for me that's awesome. :)

  2. Doc, you're certainly a pro! You're able to capture these sunrise photos beautifully. What a lovely family portrait. Love it!

    And of course, I went to take a peek at your OOTD. What a real steal deal! I believe i am one of those who commented in that photo at your IG account ;-)

  3. Mond must have been inspired by your photos Che that he wanted to go back there the next day, yehey for you, you live so close to that beauty that you can go there almost everyday. so love your shot of M and G in the first one, a great father and son bonding moment, and also love the rest of the pics. i wish i can share the corned beef with small potato cubes, love that.

  4. What a magnificent portaits of sunrise. No wonder it always brings new hope to all those who see it. It is very refreshing to enjoy the wonders that sunrise brought and it is even made exciting hearing then splashes of the beach with the whole family.

  5. I agree with you DSLR has better shots than the phone. Great you've been 8 years there.

  6. Dhemz Apdian - Dias21 March 2013 at 11:29

    how cool! that looks like a great family bonding...awesome photos!

  7. Just beautiful, every bit of it, the sun, family, food and photos. I will recommend that beach to my sister who just moved there.

  8. I love sunrise (and sunset) photography. The beams of the sun give drama on pictures making it more beautiful.


  9. Checking here again sis. I was not able to leave my link here since I need to register with Disqus :(

  10. family bonding by the beach. so precious. and yes, i love that sunrise photo with the plane passing by.

  11. Awesome sunrise photos. Guess, you did spent a good time.

  12. Ang ganda ng shots! i love the beach especially during sunrise and sunsets. There's something magical about it talga! :D hay! makes me want to go to the beach sometime soon... :)