The D's Kiddy Salon

Baby G is due for a haircut again and I realized I haven't blog about The D's Kiddy Salon where he got his very first haircut.

Are you a daddy/mommy who wonders where to bring your boy/girl for his/her first haircut? The D's Kiddy Salon is a salon tailor-made for children including infants. The actual size of the place is rather small but it is not a big issue for us. Our main concern is to get a hair stylish that has a vast experience in dealing with children.

The D's Kiddy Salon has padded kids corner where you can let your children play and read books before a haircut. Getting the kids comfortable with the environment before the actual haircut is a must. It helps them feel more relaxed.

They also provided a portable DVD player in every counter so that the children can enjoy their favorite cartoons while having a haircut. You can opt to bring your own iPad (like we did) if your child has a specific favourite show to watch.

The happy colours made the place look very vibrant. Thumbs up to whoever came with its cool interior design.

At the end of the haircut, the kids will be rewarded with a finger puppet for a job well-done. This is commendable as giving sweets as a reward is not really advisable. That's the long forgotten dentist in me talking. Haha.

The hubby said we could bring baby G back there for his second haircut which means he is quite satisfied with the service. I documented baby G's first haircut experience, if you want to check it out because you are considering bringing your child there CLICK HERE.

Tampines 1, #04-01
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529536
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm
Contact No: 96838556

*Price points can be seen at the 4th photo. Your kid's hair locks will be well-kept in a red pocket provided by the salon. 

I requested for a first haircut certificate but we were given an A5 size nicely designed photo paper where we can put baby G's photo during his first haircut. They have two different designs for a boy and a girl. I will show it to you when I'm able to take a pic of it.

This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. what an awesome place to have a kiddo haircut! wish I could have taken the boys there when it was their first time for one! Francis hates going to the barbershop haha, I think he needs to visit ds kiddy salon instead hehe, :)

  2. Disappointed parent23 March 2014 at 21:22

    We have the worst experience with the kiddy salon after attempting to try their service. Upon reaching the salon, the staff there wanted to quickly cut my boy's hair with an impatient attitude. The staff (A chinese girl wearing glasses) throw her temper upfront by pushing the trolley so hard and scared my boy so much when he was already so scare of the hair cutting process. We wanted to give our boy a peaceful and stylist clean look but end up all his hair was shaved off by the staff without asking our concern and permission. It was such a devasting session with them and we quickly pick our boy and left disappointedly. The last thing given by the salon was the loudest gate slam i ever heard. Please be very mindful when deciding their service as i am very regretful to see my boy going thru all these. Take care parents