The Guitar Enthusiast

Meet my sister brother, the guitar enthusiast. 
Have I told you we have one big happy family? All in all, there are 10 of us including our parents. Papa and my older sister Maribel are now in heaven having a grand time with the creator so there are 8 of us left, mama and her magic seven (5 4 girls and 2 3 boys).

The magic seven in chronological order comprises of a civil engineering graduate turned full-time mom, a former teacher, a business woman, a Geodetic engineer, a guitar enthusiast (pol sci grad), a law school drop out (also a pol sci grad), and a non-practising dentist (that's me!).

Lemme focus on our guitar enthusiast. He is actually a she but she prefers to be addressed as he. His birthday is fast approaching so I searched for PRS Guitars online to see if I could afford giving him one. I found out they are not cheap (at least for me, haha) so I am now searching for an alternative gift.

How about a trip to Singapore, bro? 

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  1. hahaha, I could see myself in him/her years ago :) goodluck in looking for an alternative gift twinzypots :)