Things to See and Do at Tanjung Bungah (Penang, Malaysia)

I searched everything you need to know about Tanjung Bungah and I was led to website. Here are the information I gathered:

*Literally meaning 'Flower Cape', Tanjung Bungah is a seaside suburb located between Gurney and Batu Ferringhi, about a half hour's drive from Georgetown. 

*Originally a sleepy fishing village, it has risen in popularity over the years to become one of Penang's most popular destinations. 

*Water sports are most popular in Tanjung Bungah, with Penang Water Sports Centre based here. You can ride a jet-ski, do parasailing, canoeing and banana boat riding for a reasonable price.  

*Tanjung Bungah is pretty quiet compared to its more touristy neighbors, Batu Ferringhi, Gurney and Georgetown. 

Apart from its well-known sandy beaches, Tanjung Bungah's main attractions includes:


*Built amongst its spectacular natural landscape are world-class hotels and resorts, offering guests the utmost comfort and luxury in an ideallic location.

Apart from the popular water sports, you can also do horseback riding 

or opt for things to do for free like building sand castles,

picking sea shells,

flying a kite,

go for a swim,

chase the waves,

abandon your flipflops and go for a beach walk barefooted,

watch the sun go down,

chillax with your friends,

marvel at the hidden beauty of rusty fishing boats,

jump to your hearts' content,

do instant photoshoot fall in love all over again,

or just simply watch the beautiful world go by. 

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  1. oh am gee!!!!!!!! my favorite travel post of the captions and the photos gave me a relaxed mood here at work....the sea shells, the dog relaxing and your jumping photo made me smile from ear to yah twinzy pots! :)

  2. i enjoyed seeing your photos. so vivid. and the view is magnificent.

  3. Looks like a paradise, must be so relaxing to stay there for a day or two.

  4. Jessica Cassidy15 March 2013 at 04:51

    Awww!  I am jealous of where you are right now Sis :-) I love going to the beach :-) the waves are just beautiful and what a beautiful views too :-) 

  5. so love the photos and the descriptions too Che, each picture speaks so strongly of the activity to do, wow, K is the highest jumper of you all :) also so love that parasailing with a big wave shot. 

  6. You all have a beautiful memoirs on your holiday.Love all the photos and the parasailing,too

  7. Awesome place to visit this summer. Sarap maligo sa beach and the scenery is quite amusing. 

  8. Wow. Beautiful place indeed. How I wish there's a place like here. I've done parasailing before and it really was fun.

  9. That is one nice place. Reminds me of Panglao, Bohol, except that there are mountains and hotels around. I miss the beach and the sand and sea. Hope to see this place someday.

  10. Oh what a lovely place to visit! :)

  11. Ariel Caraballe18 March 2013 at 18:04

    Would love to have a glimpse of this place.

  12. here I am again Che, reminiscing with you one of your most wonderful vacations, the pictures look so happy, always! love the jump pic :) K always seem to have the most fun! :)