Ways to Eliminate Stress

Photo Credit: Scree grab from Google
Stress is inevitable most especially in a workplace. On the days that I feel really stressed at work, here's what I do:

1) Call my hubby who always reminds me that I am too blessed to be stressed.
2) Chat with my bff who always find a way to cheer me up.
3) Play with Squeeze the left over custom stress balls we ordered as a give-away for the clinic grand opening.
4) Invite my ex-colleague for a Chili's lunch date and order our all time favourite Molten Lava Cake.
5) Avoid speaking to a colleague who was the source of my stress. Nuff said.

I thought the 20 Ways to Eliminate Stress in Your Life enumerated at zenhabits.net are also very helpful.

How about you? What do you do when you are stressed out?


  1. did you say stressed?!  ^0^
    in my line of work,
    i can't help but feel stressed everyday,
    recently, i nag and shout back,
    i know, its a bad habit but sometimes,
    i can't help it, esp. if i'm anxious, mostly from work related,
    then I binge... i know, another bad habit, in fact, i'm seriously bloating already. 
    but mostly, the simplest thing to do is to pray, i pour out all of my dilemmas and worries and leave it to him.
    and there's my family who's my official shock absorber. ^-^

  2. I breathe in.... breathe out :) I go to someplace quiet, and let the caress of the wind, the swaying of the grass, the noise of the birds, the pounding of the waves wash the stress. With prayers.

    Also, if the stress continues to bother me, I move away from it, since it is not healthy to carry the stress (just like your number 4, hahaha!!)

  3. hahahaha I call the hubby too....chat with my bff, thank God for whatsup! :) write about what I am feeling...think of blue things...blog hop...pray...just stay in bed...patient call to be continued haha...