A Visit to Singapore Zoo


A year before K permanently lived with us in Singapore (2007), my brother brought her here for a Christmas vacation. Whenever she comes for a short stay with us, we let her choose the places she wishes to explore and/or re-explore. 

Obviously, on top of her list is the Singapore Zoo. 

She just couldn't get enough of all her zoo "friends". She even wanted to bring home a talking parrot. Haha.

And mind you, she's not even scared of the growling white tiger.

She's rather scared of the kissing sealion but she was fascinated to see it planting daddy's head a kiss.

The non-stop wanderings at the huge rainforest zoo was made bearable by the stroller we rented for K. 

Tune in for more zoorific encounters of K with her animal friends.


  1. haha, the sea lion kissing Mond while Kyla looks so amused is so cute, and K does look super happy with her zoo friends.

    wishing you happy weekend in mommyhoodlandia Che, the happiest place on Earth for sure

  2. hahahaha love that photo of the seal kissing daddy M :) and all of K's happy smiles~

  3. Love that photo of the seal the best. All are really cool, but that one is super cool.