A Walk in the Park

One of the numerous bonding activities baby G and I do is walking in the park while holding hands. When he starts to get restless at home after reading books, watching Disney Junior or playing with his cars, I bring him down to our neighbourhood park for 3 reasons:

1) to catch some fresh air
2) to show him God's creations (birds, butterflies, trees and flowers)
3) to exercise together

Have I ever told you that my only form of exercise is walking? I know, know! It doesn't count as an exercise but for me, it's good enough as an exercise. Haha!

Come and walk with me and my buddy...

At first, baby G allowed me to hold his hands while we walk together on the same pace but after a while, he let go of my grip and started running away from me. Oh am geeeeeeee, I was already panting from non-stop walking/running after him around the park but the boy doesn't seem to feel tired at all!

The hubby was laughing his heart out when I told him that I couldn't keep up with baby G's stamina. He and K labelled me as the "weakling" in the family. He was suggesting I should enrol in a gym to do some legit exercise regime but I told him to consider getting me a wholesale yoga equipment instead because yoga seems befitting to my lazybones. Lol.



  1. So cute....it is a wonder how little kids could be so full of energy! Hmmm I think yoga will suit you well....I on the otherhand need to go to the gym hehehe, :)

  2. oh geee, baby G is just so super cute, so huggable, I can imagine you running out of breath trying to keep up with him, that's what my nieces and nephew did to me when they were G's age, and they told me, like K told you, "I am slow....very slow" hhaha!