Family Journal: All is Well

Hello mommies and friends! Sorry for the lack of update apart from my food trail marathon posts. I have been sick since last week. After braving the heavy rain last Wednesday, I had high fever when I came back from work. I asked the hubby to sleep with baby G in the guest room for 3 nights because I kept on sneezing. I don't want to spread the virus to them. The stubborn momMe still went to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday though I feel wretched. 

I took half day off on Thursday though and took complete bed rest at home. Locked myself inside the master room so that baby G can't go near me. I terribly miss the lil' guy, I couldn't even kiss him. :(

Friday, I worked the whole day but managed to rest at the treatment room during my lunchbreak. I also went on to fulfil mommy duties to K by fetching her from her Chinese supplementary class. We skipped having a girl's Fri-date because I still felt so weak.

Saturday, I worked half day but also managed to squeeze in mommy duties. Hubby and I, along with K brought baby G for a flu vaccine. Baby G's pediatrician is just 5 floors away from my workplace. The hubby attended to the kids while waiting for the pedia as I had to attend to superman's patients. 

Hubby whatsapped me these photos:

 Baby G playing as a doctor and

a mushy moment of my kids.

I immediately posted them on my Instagram then just in time, my doctor finished with his patients so I rushed up to the 9th floor to be with the kids.

Here's baby G being checked by his pedia, Dr Steven Ng. He was recommended to us by my OBGyn after I gave birth. Look how adorable G is while looking at Dr Steven. He had the flu vaccine right after this scene. He cried as usual but managed to pacify him right away. Glad that I was there for him. :)

As of this writing, I still feel a bit dizzy but no more fever and sneezing. PRAISE GOD! So much to be thankful about, I can now sleep with my two boys without worrying that I will pass on some nasty virus. :D

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  1. glad to know all is well now Che, and no one got sick after you, baby G and K always are so lovely and cute, so much joy for me simply reading your posts and looking at their posts, am sure, it is way too much beyond compare happiness for you and Mond. hope you continue to get well.