Dream Family Car

photo of a toy family car

They say when you become a parent, a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is so true but thank goodness we live in a city where almost everywhere is accessible by convenient public transportation. Since we just acquired our dream house, our dream car can wait for another couple of years. As the hubby would put it, let's fulfil our dreams one at a time. :)

Being car-less for now will save me time from searching toyotapartshub.com for oem toyota parts. Moreover, I don't have to worry whether we have enough budget to buy those car parts in case the car breaks down. I will try to savour our car-less time while saving up for our dream car. There's always a reason to be grateful of no matter how we lack some of the material things we desire. 


  1. gulshan naqvee1 April 2013 at 18:55

    Hi Cher, your dream is a lustrous necessity for every family. We also think many a times that we must buy one, but our case is a little different yet similar as the maintenance of this necessity makes us feel "should we really buy it?" The rising prices of gas and car parts does not compliment our wish but still we save.. who knows what this money will buy.. a world tour ticket or a dream car? hahaha.. nice post :)

    Love Naqvee


  2. Everyone has a dream, or dreams.

    One by one, they will come true.

  3. yes indeed, there is always a reason to be grateful! :)