Fish & Co (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 7

Bugis Junction food trail 7th stop: Fish & Co

With a goal to provide a unique dining experience for costumers, Fish & Co. serves all food in a unique Mediterranean way - in a pan! Hence, the tagline SEAFOOD IN A PAN.

Now, let's dig in what's in the pan shall we?

Seafood Galore
A pair of perfectly grilled king prawns with mozzarella cheese, grilled white fish and flavourful clams with curry butter served with fries. The king prawns is TDF (to die for)!

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops
Juicy scallops coupled with tender grilled Peri-Peri chicken served with vegetables and mashed potato. This platter titillates your taste buds in a way that you will keep eating more. The mashed potato is also TDF!

Mussels with Spicy Marinara Sauce
Succulent blue mussels in spicy marinara sauce. I could have eaten more if its in garlic lemon butter sauce. 

Bombay Fish and Chips
An all-time favourite fish and chips with an Indian herbs-and spicy twist served with lime. We are in for an authentic fish and chips treat! Need I say more?

Clams with Curry Butter
An award-winning dish in the making. Taste the freshness and sweetness of the clams in curry butter sauce. Best served with a warm bread.

Here's an icebreaker from all the food photos. This is what usually happens when bloggers gather in one place. LOL

Ok, more food on our table that's not served in a pan...

Soft Shell Crab Salad
What's there not to rave about soft shell crab? This is a great way to start a satisfying meal at Fish & Co.

Shrimp and Clams Agio Olio 
Spicy aglio olio tossed with fresh shrimps and clams. If you need some fiery boost, go for this spicy pasta treat!

Black Pepper Baked Rice
Baked paella rice with succulent black pepper chicken. Who won't love this dish! Look how it's been "attacked" even before I could take a decent photo of it. LOL

Calamari Steak and Grilled White Fish with Ebiko (Seasonal Menu)
Photo Credit: Fish & Co.
Fish & Co. just launched these two seasonal menu 2 days ago. Go grab them while they are hot! If you are keen to know what other available promotions they have for you, click HERE.

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Parco Bugis Junction
Tel no: 63382836

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  2. hahahahaha love the photo of those fellow "foodphotoaddictus,"...hnmmmm agree, they all look super delicious and to die for....:)