Kazokutei (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 5

Bugis Junction Food Trail 5th stop: Kazokutei

Established since 1947, Kazokutei is one of Osaka's well known brands of udon restaurant. 

Udon and Soba Set (Food sampling portion)
The company prides itself in the delicious and high quality handmade udon. 

I am not an Udon or Soba fan so I have to rely on Hui Yan's food review she posted on her Instagram. Let me quote her caption below her Zaru Soba and Zaru Udon Instagram photo: "Kazokutei's really authentic udon is the best I've tried so far."

So what's left for me to review is the assorted sushi. It's distinctive from all the sushi that I've tried before. I must say it is quite palatable. 

Kazokutei highly recommends their:

Mix Zaru and Mix Tempura set ($12.90)


Shokado Wazen set ($16.90)

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Bugis Junction
Tel no: 63380187
Website: http://www.kazokutei.com.sg/

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  1. gee I have to say they look so divine to be eaten! :)