Maggie Moo's (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 10

Bugis Junction food trail 10th and last stop: Maggie Moo's

If you live in Singapore, you will consider icecream parlors/kiosks a blessing. With the warm and humid Singapore weather all year round, you'll definitely need some icecream fix to beat the heat anytime, anywhere!

Here are the some of Maggie's icecream treats:

 Dark Chocolate



Red Velvet Cake

 More choices on the icecream bar...

They also have milkshakes and refreshing drinks to quench your thirst. 

Maggie Moo's is more than just an icecream kiosk.
Maggie's daily specials include candy floss, waffles, icecream cakes and icecream cupcakes. Gotta bring my sweetie-toothie girl here soon. I visited their website and found out they also have icecream pizza and low-fat yogurt. What impressed me more is their participation in national causes. Hat's off Maggie! Read about it here.

Click HERE for the complete list of the Bugis Junction food trail itinerary.

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  1. now, this is more of my kind of food, haha, I and Kyla will enjoy it here very much :)

  2. yum yum yum!!!!! whew hats off to them for their charity works! :) I would love the low fat yogurt!..and all the other sweet treats! hehe,

  3. I like the idea that it is served in a small cup. At least, moderation is easier to monitor or does not need anything at all.