Master Room Makeover (Ikea Inspired)

Back when we were still renting a flat:

At Ikea...

Me: It's frustrating to come here when you can't buy the things you like. There's no more space in our flat as it is fully-furnished.

Hubby: Don't worry, when we buy our own house you can buy all the things you want here.


After acquiring our very own flat, I can't recall anymore how many times we have been to Ikea. As in almost every weekend we are there hoarding cheap and useful stuff for our new house.

Last Black Saturday, we went back to check out if the bed frame and the side table we wanted to buy is already there. It was out of stock when we went during the Ikea Sale. Initially, the hubby wanted to buy a wooden bed frame with storage for the master room. I discouraged him because it is too expensive, $699.

We ended up buying the bed frame above, as suggested by cheapskate momME. It's priced at $169, quite cheap right?

Me: We should buy this one instead. We will be saving $530, which we can use to buy other things. We can buy the expensive bed frame you want when we have enough savings then we'll give this to K.

Hubby: Ok, I surrender. Hands up. You won already.


With the house blessing in mind, I also bought the pretty and popular Ikea bed linen (a few bloggers own the same one).
  • Leirvik bed frame - $169
  • Lindved side table - $39.90
  • Emelina Knopp quilt cover and pillow cases - $29.90

Side story:
The bed frame was delivered at 12:15pm on Easter Sunday in time for the house blessing. We got Ikea crew to fix it for us ( paid $55 for delivery and installation). They finish installing at around 12:30pm. I changed the bed linens quickly before Father arrived at around 1pm. We prayed hard the bed will come before the house blessing. When we moved, we sleep with the mattress on the floor. 

Another side story:
Upon seeing the bed complete with the pretty bed linen.
K: Oooooh, mommy!!! I want this!!! Weeeeeee!!! It is so pretty, fit for a princess like me!

Me: Actually sweetheart, that's yours but mommy and daddy will borrow it first.

Last side story:
Even hubby and baby G got really excited.

Hubby asked me to take a photo of them too. Baby G even smiled at the camera. He's holding that car everywhere he goes.

Back to my main story, I survived more than 2 months without a mirror and dresser. The hubby pitied me so he bought me a mirror and chest of drawers for my girly stuff. I need something that baby G won't be able to reach my things so we opted for a chest of drawers and wall mirror instead of a proper dresser complete with mirror and matching chair.
  • White Rusch wall clock - $1.80
  • White Stave mirror - $29.90
  • White Brimnes chest of drawers - $169 
  • Shower curtain and Aneboda wardrobe cabinet (as seen in the 3rd photo here) are also from Ikea ($9.90 and $99 respectively)
  • Skubb box (jewelry/undergarments organizer) *not in photo as it's inside the chest of drawers* $9.90
That's it! Photos shown here falls on perception category. One of these days, I will show you the reality version. Click here to know what I'm talking about.

Special thanks to the hubby who painstakingly re-painted our room with our national colour. As in he spent the whole day re-painting to give our room a fresh new look. After painting the whole day, we camped out and slept in the living room. I woke up at midnight and found the hubby missing. I found him inside the master room painting.

I tried to stop him but he said he's only doing finishing touches. He doesn't want to put it off for the next morning because he still need to fix his home office. I don't know if I should be happy or feel pity for him but I am sure blessed to have one of the most hardworking husband in the whole wide world. He is one endangered specie for sure. :D


  1. Ang laki nga naman ng difference ng $169 sa $530. Smart buyer nga ikaw Sis. Hehehe

    I love the look of your Master's Bedroom. Very light ang feeling ng wall color especially that it is a lobor of love from you hubby.

    Pretty K looks like she's really happy about the bed. Hehehe

  2. I love to shop in Ikea and I always get what I want there. Good for you,your hubby is a hard working.

  3. So chic, it suits the little lady's aura. You can never go wrong with Ikea furniture and stuff.

  4. Congratulations for the new purchases sis! Ganda naman :) Bagay sa paint ng bahay niyo.

  5. Wow! I love the color, very refreshing to the eyes .

  6. YAY! This post is certainly overflowing with happiness, Doc! I first saw some of the photos at IG and I so love your new bedroom. Nainggit nga ang Lola mo dito, hahaha! You're one clever housewife- opting for the cheaper bed frame. And you're blessed to have such a hardworking and loving husband. One big happy family kayo, Doc I can tell, hehe!

    May you enjoy what's left of the week!

  7. when i first saw it in IG, i love it...and great that in the end everything falls into place. :) like you, i love Ikea, who doesn't?! hehehe! congrats on your new place, can't wait to see other parts of the house. God bless your new place sis!

  8. I love Ikea items and you got some great deals. It is truly fit for a princess and fortunate for you that your hubby is so generous with his time and labor. Blessings.

  9. Aw! This is lovely! How I wish I can have my own things and bed too when I moved out soon!

  10. You are one lucky girl!♥ some women only dream of someone like Mondabest ♥