Meet My Family


Mond; the wise protector. (Age: 30 forever)
Mond embodies the man of my dreams. I can't thank God enough for being the God of second chances. A friend once said that our love story is like a modern day fairy tale. Mond is a very supportive, caring and loving husband and best friend. He is the most responsible and protective father I have ever known. He is a PRC registered architect in the Philippines and currently works as Drawing Coordinator in a Japanese company. In spite of the demands of the nature of his work, he never fails to make quality time for the kids before retiring to bed every night. My daughter describes him as her personal clown and the best dad in the world. He enjoys munching on good food and watching good movies. We are blessed to have been given God’s great miracle after four years of blissfully-chaotic married life. We are now looking forward to celebrate our 5th year anniversary and more anniversaries, blessings and, as the hubby puts it, more babies to come. :D


Cher; the diminutive of charity. (Age: 26 forever)
I get uncomfortable when I am asked to describe myself but I would like to think that I am simply CHERrific. Haha! Just kidding. I am simple. Period. Basically, I am a working mom who in the course of time developed a love for photography and writing. I am a wanderlust, shutterbug, nature-seeker, and food lover. I am a Roman Catholic who strongly believes that God is responsible for my twist of fate. Though I don't read the bible or attend mass at a regular basis, I have a strong faith in Him. I always believe I am too blessed to be stressed by the challenges of everyday life. I celebrate life. I do my best to live it to the fullest. I live, I love, I laugh, I cry. I am but a mere human being, deeply flawed and a sinner but I love the way God created me uniquely. 


Kyla; a beautiful flower. (Age: 8 forever, I wish!)
Kyla is my first born from my first connubial experience. She is a blessing in disguise, hence dubbed as my favourite mistake. She served as the pillar of my strength during the darkest days of my life. She is a bubbly girl who loves anything pink and princess-y. She is thoughtful, sweet and smart. She loves singing, dancing, reading and writing. She is a very doting big sister to her baby brother. Mond and I can’t imagine life without big sister's love


Gian;  the gracious gift of God. Age: (8 months forever, I wish!)

Gian also known as little Mond, according to his big sister, is the most adorable baby in the world. As my first born puts it, his smiles can melt even the most hardened heart. He has been bringing so much love and joy to the family. We have prayed for him to come day and night for many years but never expected him to be conceived in God’s perfect time. He is beyond unreasonable doubt the most gracious gift of God.

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