Family Journal: Mother and Daughter Bonding Activity

Happy Monday mommies and friends! Just wanted to share with you my latest (and current favourite) bonding activity with my 10 year old girl. It's what we both love to do: Eating icecream and drinking milk tea!

K and I are both addicted to Gong Cha milk tea. K prefers hers with coconut jelly while I prefer mine with pearl. It's a once a week treat for us. I look forward to having hi-tea dates at Equinox with her when she turns into a lady.

Fridays for us have been extra special during the past weeks. Her Chinese supplementary class was temporarily moved near my workplace hence K and I get to bond over food (sans the hubby and lil' guy) after I fetch her from her class every Friday night. I normally indulge her with the things she love eating like this icecream at Secret Recipe. The sparkle in her eyes and the happiness written all over her face while eating is just priceless!

Side story:

At home, I encourage her to eat fruits for dessert.

Over dinner... 

MomME: Have you had your two servings of fruits today?

K: Not yet, I only ate apple after lunch. One more fruit to go.

MomME: Ok, then eat one whole banana after dinner. 

K: Not fair! You are having icecream for dessert while I'm having fruit?

MomMe: It's a healthier choice sweetie. Trust me.

K: Mooooooomeeeeeee, can you give me icecream when I eat my banana pleaaaaaaaaase?

MomME: Makakatanggi ba ako? (Can I say no?) Hehehehe

Ok, 'nuff about icecream.

Seriously, bonding time with your kids one at a time is a must and highly recommended. It gives you the opportunity to devout your whole attention to the child. If you have two kids at home, chances are one kid will distract you while you are trying to spend time with the other unless you choose to lock yourselves in a room while doing some art and crafts (hint: another bonding activity idea).

K and I bond over food and shopping (mostly window shopping, hehehe). These two bonding activities we enjoy make us closer to each other. I take the opportunity to catch up with the latest happenings in her school and teach her table manners when we eat together at restaurants. When we do real shopping, I let her pay money to the cashier and teach her to make sure she receives the correct amount if there's any change.

What I will share next is my bonding activity with baby G. What about you? Do you bond with your kids one at a time? What is your favourite bonding activity?



  1. hmmmm with Francis it has to be foodie, with Roel...thoughts sharing before going to sleep haha, this makes me wish for a daughter but then again, too blessed to ask for more...gee I would love to have ice cream now...and yep banana too...and apple hehehe, cutie cutie K!! :)

  2. your stories about K and G always are so cute and heart warming Che, melting the heart like how an ice cream melts in our mouth, hahahaha! can't wait to hear about your bonding moment with G