Platypus Kitchen (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 2

Bugis Junction food trail 2nd stop: Platypus Kitchen 

The place exudes simple elegance.  Before we dive into a gastronomic indulgence, here's a bit of history about the restaurant.

The Platypus Kitchen Story

Before you conclude that this place will surely burn your pocket, read the restaurant's tag line!

Nicholas Lin or Nick, the very young and good looking chef (single friends, you are free to swoon) and owner of Platypus restaurants and Blue Magnolia patisserie in Singapore, is determined to make your dining experience at Platypus Kitchen pleasant and affordable (Nick said they will do their best to offer their signature dishes $20 and below).

Nick revealed to us many times how he dislikes misrepresentation. Hence, if there's another tag line suitable for Platypus Kitchen, it would be "What you see is what you get."

Time to see it for yourselves! Let's dig in!!! Do remember to eat before you continue reading the entire post! Don't blame me for feeling hangry later, ok? Yes, HANGRY. Short for angry and hungry. LOL

Let's start with the appetizers.
Crab Cakes ($12.90, soon to be $9.90)
Three potato fritters stuffed with crab claw meat, deep fried and served with lemon. 

Truffle Fries ($6.90)
Thick cut French fries seasoned with white truffle oil tossed in truffle salsa and topped with shaved truffles. This is really good! 

Risotto Balls
Mozarella-stuffed balls of risotto, breaded in panko then deep fried and served over rich pumpkin puree. DDMT! (Die Die Must Try)

This is how our table look like with the appetizers and drinks. We were served with Platypus Kitchen's mixologist inspired drink creations. Their Momo-Lychee Ale (set price $6.90) (lower right corner on the above photo) is refreshingly good. It is a larger beer flavoured with fresh peach and lychee nectar then garnished with mint and fresh lychees. I personally prefer their Smith's Ale though (lower left corner on the photo above). It is larger beer infused with green apples and lemon, then garnished with apples, lemon and passion fruit. The taste of the green apple somehow overpowers the beer taste so it's perfect for a non-beer drinker like me. 

Hangry already? Haha! Wait for the main course...

Saffron and Caviar Risotto ($19.90)
Saffron infused risotto with char-grilled prawns and scallops then fished with sustainable caviar and fine herbs. 

Care for a spoonful of this awesome dish? This is OH-SO-GOOOOOOD and reasonably priced too. DDMT (Die die must try)!

Squid-Ink Scallops Ragout ($16.50)
Squid-Ink Tagliolini served with seared bay scallops in a light garlic-dashi sauce. Nicholas said it will not stain your teeth. If you are a fan of squid-ink dishes, you must try this. Nick said it won't stain your teeth. 

Truffle Carbonara
Egg Tagliatelle with double-smoked bacon and mushrooms in a truffle egg-yolk sauce. This dish spells heaven to me. 'Nuff said.

Pressed Pork Belly ($19.90)
Supple crispy skin pork belly served with braised apples, garden vegetables and a honey and clove apple glaze. This dish is very sweet and hearty. I made a mental note to order this for my girl next time, she will surely love it. 

And I saved one of the bests for last! Presenting...

Spicy "Diablo" Crab and Prawn
Egg Tagliolini with prawns and crab claw tossed in a spicy egg sauce. Another heavenly creation by the genius chef.

I am not so much into spicy food but this dish left quite an impression to my taste buds. Yes, it was THAT good and not too spicy. Another DDMT!

Dying from hanger already? Wait, we have not tried the dessert!

Iced Sea Salt Caramel ($8.90)
Sea salt and caramel butter cream, chocolate peanut butter brittle, ganache and popping candy. Yes, POPPING candy!!! We were all joking around that we should record a video to show you how the popping candy pops in our mouth. In the end, we just indulge ourselves with this sweet treat.

Had enough torture from the food? Ok, I will stop from there and show you the rest of the place instead. Am I kind or what? LOL

This was our reserved table. Those lamps by the window added life to the dark and neutral colours of the interior.

The rest of the place looks like this. I love the minimalist interior decorations, very neat. 

The restaurant's bar deserves to be featured. Well organized and nicely decorated. I am not so much of an alcohol drinker, if you are then this corner may spell love for you.

Have your eyes turned into a heart-shape yet? Wait for the next photo...

That's Nicholas Lin, a chef, restaurant owner and cookbook author signing an autograph for me. He generously gave each of us his bestselling cookbook called Bachelor's Banquet. I am so sorry single ladies, I didn't get a proper photo for you to drool over. Why don't you visit him at Platypus Kitchen instead. Not too sure though if he's taken or available. LOL

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I had a taste of everything down to the dessert. The servings were NOT entirely mine, we all shared for food tasting indulgence.

Platypus Kitchen
Bugis Junction 
Tel no: 63334434

Facebook Page:

*Platypus Kitchen is currently running a 12-week promotion. Do check out their website and facebook page for more details. 

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