Secret Recipe (Plaza Singapura)


Last Friday, I wanted K to experiment on different food other than her regular fix of KFC fried chicken or BK whopper junior but she insisted on eating at BK. I was frustrated but did not grumble since it was our bonding time. I only asked her to tell the cashier to take away (a.k.a take out) what she ordered while I went to get our fix of Gong Cha.

I brought her to Secret Recipe to her surprise. I was adamant about showing her that "other" restaurants do exist and that she should try other food too. It was also a great chance for me to teach her proper table manners.

I ordered Secret Recipe's Cheese Spinach Lasagna and shared it with K as the serving was too big (at least for me). The spinach gave the lasagna a hint of bitter taste. For me, the bitterness was balanced buy the generous cheese and its slightly tangy sauce. It was another story for K who dislikes bitter food like bitter gourd. She then went on to eat her own fast food.

Since Fridays are her longest days in school, I rewarded K with an icecream called Smarties Treats. The dessert menu stated that the generous spread of smarties over chocolate and vanilla icecream is our special way of saying "i love you" to our loved ones. She sure feel so loved with the icecream. Look how happy she is here. :)

So after looking at Secret Recipe's menu and trying out their dessert:

K: Mom, can we come and eat here again next Friday? I want to try their Tom Yum.

Me: Tom Yum  is spicy, are you sure you want to try it?

K: Yes, I really like the Tom Yum in our school canteen. I want to try Secret Recipe's version.

Me: Ok, maybe next time. I want to try another restaurant next Friday.

K: Oh really? Ok, we can come here another time.

Hehehe! I instantly have a foodie buddy.


Food: PPP
Ambiance: PPP
Service: PPP
Family-friendly: P
(Bringing a kid here as young as G is not recommended)

If you work around the area, the place is perfect for spur of the moment lunch/dinner date with your hubby, partner or bestfriend(s). I'd come back to try other food on their menu with K or M.


Secret Recipe (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Rd, #03-18
Plaza Singapura 
Singapore 238839
Phone: +65 63419909
Fax: +65 63419949

Operating Hours:
11am - 10pm (Sun-Thu)
11am - 11pm (Fri-Sat)

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  1. Hmmmm the name of the resto is enough to stir one's curiosity! Glad K loved it there! Gee cheese please! Haha :)