Siam Kitchen (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 4

Bugis Junction Food Trail 4th stop: Siam Kitchen

Tagline: More Than Just Thai Food

My family is a fan of Thai Food but we have not tried Siam Kitchen before. It is about time for momMe to give it a try and guess if my girl will eventually change her favourite Thai Restaurant.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($7.60)
I have penchant for seafood dishes. Good thing this spicy seafood soup is apt to the level of spicyness that I could tolerate. I think my daughter is going to like it too. She's been raving about the tom yum in her school canteen.

Siam Siam Grilled Combo Platter ($22.90)
A delectable mix of chicken, squid, beef and prawns - slowly grilled to perfection. The seafood and beef lover me indulged on the prawns and beef. They are indeed grilled to perfection. I had a taste of the chicken and squid too and it's not bad at all. This platter is perfect for a family (like mine) who has members that are addicted to chicken, beef and seafood. 

Deep Fried Whole Garoupa Fish with Chilli Dip ($23.90)
The fish meat were skillfully taken out from the whole garoupa fish and deep fried until it turned golden brown and crispy. Dip with the chilli and you are good for an appetizing treat.

Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp Flakes ($7.50)
An addictive blend of tastes and textures of exotic green papaya salad. Reminds me of Philippines' pickled papaya. I honestly find the latter more addicting.

Yum Neau Song Kreung ($8.50)
 It is a Thai mixed salad with NZ beef fillet. It gave a twist to my regular fix of beef indulgence. 

Grilled Honey-Marinated Boneless Chicken ($12.90)
Locally known as Gai Yong in Thailand, this is a classic favourite and found on almost every street corner of Bangkok. Should my family travel to Bangkok anytime, I think my girl will never go hungry. This dish is her ultimate favourite from the Thai restaurant that we frequent to. In my personal opinion, Siam Kitchen's version is more succulent. 

Will my girl eventually change her favourite Thai restaurant? Hmmmmn, most likely.

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I had a taste of everything but the servings were NOT entirely mine. Except for the Tom Yum soup, we all shared for food tasting indulgence.

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