Singapore Memory Project

I am overwhelmed by the flow of emails via my blog's contact page. They are from an in-house publication, advertisers, readers and many more. I am truly blessed and very grateful for the overflowing blessings coming my way. 

Having said that, I am deeply honoured to receive an invitation from National Library Board to pledge my blog for the Singapore Memory Project. If you have been reading my blog for years, you would know by now how much my family loves Singapore. I even have a page dedicated for all my Singapore posts entitled Mommy *heart* Singapore.

All my pledged post will appear at the Singapore Memory portal's blog webpage in one to two months time. I could hardly wait as I am so excited to be taking part of a national initiative. 

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  1. awesome twinzy!!!!!!! goosebumps here while reading....sigh, gogogo Sweet Memoirs!!! :)