Yoga by the Beach, Anyone?

When we went back to East Coast Beach to catch the sunrise and have picnic by the beach, I thought the peaceful scenery is perfect for an early morning yoga. I have not tried enrolling in a yoga class but everytime I see K doing yoga at home, I am tempted to join her.

K sitting on the floor (Indian sit), eyes closed, and hands positioned like that of a person doing yoga.

Me: What are you doing, sweetheart?
K: Yoga
Me: Oh, can I join you?
K: Sure, it's very relaxing mommy!

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I sat with her, imitated her position and closed my eyes. It is sure relaxing but yoga inside the house? Nah! I prefer to try it in the beach next time like the lady on the photo above. I have to find dragonfly yoga mats for me and K before our next sunrise or sunset adventure to the beach. I am sure our next impromptu yoga session will be even more relaxing!

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  1. looking forward to seeing a photo of you doing yoga by the beach! yep I would love to do the same thing! :) and a yoga mat would make it perfect am sure....please ask K how to do it hehehe, yabyew! :)