Yummi Bites (Bugis Junction): Food Trail Part 9

Bugis Junction food trail 9th stop: Yummy Bites

If you are always on the go, chances are you'll need some food kiosk like Yummi Bites to get some filling snacks when your tummy starts to grumble.

It is very convenient to da bao Yummi Bites treats.

Auntie will greet you with a smile on her face. She's very accommodating, quite a huge difference from the usual grumpy aunties in the food business. 

Craving for all these treats? My top picks would be fried cheese, yummy yam and sweet potato. Not so much a fan of curry.

And oh, I would love to try the tapioca cake too!

They also have cheese balls, goreng pisang (fried banana) and more...

Must try Yummi Bites' treats are the fried durian, Nian Gao 3 in 1 and fried icecream. If you like curry, go for the curry bomb.

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Bugis Junction

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