7 Secrets for a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is a great gig, most of the time. I mean I get to watch and participate in my kids growing up. But there are definitely times that make being a mom difficult and tiring. Here are a few things that I have found that help me see the beauty and keep my sanity while at home.

1. Find an Outlet: A great way to break out of that mundane, same routine everyday is to find an outlet that allows you to be productive. I enjoy blogging, so it helps me transition from diaper changing and snack making. Find something that you and enjoy and make time for it.

2. Exercise: When I am feeling sluggish, I make some time to exercise. I get my heart rate up and it helps pick up my day. Sometimes my toddler will even join in. You can pop in a DVD or go for a walk around the neighborhood, either way it is a good way to feel good and break up your day.

3. Play Dates: Schedule time with your little's friends and allow them to play, you will have them entertained while you get a chance to visit with their mom (adult interaction).

4. Savings: Think about the savings you can provide as a stay at home mom. You aren't commuting and using gas to get to work, you don't have to have expensive work attire and you can save money by eating at home. Also, being at home usually allows for more time for couponing or researching the best deals.

5. Mother's Group: Join a local mother's group. You can usually find them in community pages or your city's website, even churches offer mother's groups. This gets you communicating with other moms and lets you know that what you are going through and how you feel is normal (yay, I am normal).

6. Income: If you have the stay at home mother's guilt of not providing an income, there are a lot of avenues that can help. You can always get a part-time job (maybe evenings or weekends) or there is legitimate work from home opportunities available.

7. Help: It is ok to be a stay at home mom and get help. You can't do it all, all the time. There are mother's morning day out programs available or a family member, friend or nanny that can give you chance a few times a week to have "me" time.

As a mom, you need to find what works for you and stick with it. You know what your family needs, but make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well. When momma isn't functioning properly, no one functions properly!

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  1. Given the chance I would love to be a stay at home mom too...but as things are going I think I will one day be a stay at home grand"mom" hmmm but then again maybe not, I might turn out to be an exploring grandmom hehehe, and hope we could by then travel the world together :)