Family Journal: Alive and Kicking

Hello!!! Are you still there? Haha! My apologies for the lack of personal update here. Been out of the circulation and I'm am so happy to be back, alive and kicking! Phew! Had some nasty stomach flu over the long weekend so I ended up lying in bed with no appetite and strength.

One thing I missed over the long weekend was bonding with the kids! I wasn't able to tag along in our weekly trip to the supermarket and nightly walk in the park. Daddy M had to take care of the kids by himself when my Aunt had her day off.

I still wonder where I got the hateful bug...


Last Friday (Vesak Day), I brought my mom to do some last minute shopping at Bugis Street before she flies back in the Philippines. When my mom and K got tired from all the walking and shopping, we went to Popeyes for lunch. I ordered two Cajun Rice Platter for them because I didn't feel like eating yet.

However, I ended up helping K and my mom finished their food. Le sigh. Instances like that make me miss having the hubby around. I don't have to worry about finishing my kid's (and my mom's) meal if he was with us.

Anyway, after eating we decided to go to Orchard and meet the hubby who was there remitting allowance for my MIL and SIL. I bought a box of Chewy Junior at Bugis Junction before we left. It was my first time trying their special ensaymada. It was really good but I wonder whether it was what made my stomach upset. Or was it the Cajun Rice Platter?

While waiting for the hubby, we went to shop at Takashimaya using the vouchers that I have been holding for too long already. Good thing there was no expiration date and we were there in time for the start of Great Singapore Sale. I was able to buy my mom a belated Mother's Day gift.

After shopping, we met up with the hubby and headed home in time for dinner. I was feeling a little bit bloated already by that time but the hubby insisted I should eat proper dinner so I ate a plate of rice and pork soup. I was still able to sleep well that night but the next day was a totally different story.

Saturday morning, I started having severe backache and stomach ache at the same time. I will spare you the gross details, but you get the drift. I immediately popped 2 pills of lomotil and expected that I will stop you-know-what but it went on and on and on. Simultaneous backache and stomach ache made me feel a like whole bunch of crap. Oh, how I hate being sick!

Forced myself to accompany the hubby to send my mom at the airport on Saturday night. The backache was relieved after a hot bath, shower massage and a piece of salonpas. Stomach ache became a little bit manageable, no more running in the rest room at 1 minute interval at last.

The hubby let me sleep alone in the master room just in case you-know-what. The next morning (Sunday), I felt so much better. I told the hubby I can manage going with them to attend the mass so off we went. We had lunch at Tampines Mall after that then we brought the kids to Toys R Us for some window shopping.

When the kids got tired and sensed we were not buying anything for them, we took cab home as it was drizzling. When we reached home, the stomach ache came back again so I skipped dinner. Came bedtime, the little boy started to cough and threw up whatever food/milk he had earlier. Every attempt of bottle feeding after that was epic fail. The hubby and I took turns in cleaning up the mess until around 3-4am.

We basically slept for only 2 hours or so. Then we had to report to work Monday morning. By that time, I feel like a zombie already plus I have never felt so weak before. I gathered whatever little strength I have and dragged my butt to work but I have informed my bosses in advance that I may need help.

The hubby thought I was crazy. He said I really need help, NOT I MAY NEED HELP. He demanded that I go back home as soon as I get somebody to cover for me. My ladyboss came to bring me some medicine and isotonic drink to replenish the salt I have lost.

Despite feeling horrible, I felt so blessed to have such kind and caring employers. It made me survived a whole morning running a busy clinic.Cleared up morning schedule only around 2pm. I left the clinic in the care of our accounting personnel and my colleague from our sister clinic came to assist in the afternoon session.

I had my much needed rest and regained enough energy to be able to report to work the next day. As of this writing, I have fully recovered. I am grateful for the gift of good health. Needless to say, health is wealth.

Stay healthy everyone!



  1. ...stay healthy twinzypotsy! glad you are back on your feet and kicking too and back to blogging weeee!!! love love always your writing style...hey baby G...pull your mom's hand back to the store for what you want hahaha...and gee would love some enseymada too!!! :D

  2. Oh yes, health is wealth! I am so glad you feel better.

  3. Oh sorry about that Che, glad you feel better now. Had been busy wandering weekend too, no time to sit in front of PC, mostly upload pics to FB via cell phone. Anyway, you are so right, health is wealth.