2 Art Projects to do with your Teen

Toddler years are fun times. Little ones always want to play and hang out with their parents. Teens can sometimes grow away from their parents as they get older. This is normal and healthy, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to do fun things together. There are a lot of fun activities to do with your teen. Art projects can become a bit more mature than just crayons and markers. Whip out some paint and start some new art projects together.

1. Easy Leaf Paintings
This projects starts out with spending some time with your teen outside. Go on a walk to the park or hang out in the backyard. Gather up some large leaves or groups of leaves. Find different types and go crazy. Once you have those collected go back home and get your canvas. Use a good brush and acrylic paint to paint a nice base color. This will be the color of the leaves, some picky something wacky and fun. Place the leaves on the painted canvas in an interesting way. Go outside and use spray paint to cover the whole canvas and leaves in paint. choose a more neutral color so the other color with pop more. Lift of the leaves and let it dry. There you go! You just created art with your teen. Easy and fun. Don't like how it turned out? Just paint over it and try again.

2. Paint Rocks
Spruce up with your garden and spend time with your teen by painting rocks. Go to your local garden center and pick up some hand sized smooth rocks. Make sure you have a wide variety of brushes to use. You will need very small brushes for fine details. The more brush options the better. Pick up a plentiful amount of enamel paint colors. Tape is also helpful when painting. You can tape off sections to keep a clean line. Come with designs together and paint away! There are plenty of things that you can paint on rocks. Paint them into lady bugs, fish, bees, cats, and dogs. You are only limited by your imagination. Just have fun sitting down and doing something together. It doesn't matter how they turn out. What is important is the time you get to spend with your teen doing something fun. Once they are good and dry, spend some time placing them in your garden. You can even paint rocks as gifts for relatives together. Go at it and have fun!

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