Baby Clothes: Shopping for Your Baby the Right Way

Baby clothes and their fashion is as ever changing and fleeting as adults' fashion. Picking out baby clothes can be quite a daunting task especially because babies grow really fast. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best.

  •  Quality - Pick out clothes that are of good quality and made of organic materials. The materials should be soft and smooth to the touch. This will ensure maximum comfort to your baby. Cotton and spun materials should be the most obvious choices for fabrics.

  • Durability- Baby clothes should be durable and colorfast so that they can be washed easily and often as babies tend to soil their clothes fast. Durability will also ensure that you do not spend too much money on clothes as the clothes that you do buy do not get frayed or torn easily. Use mild detergents and other cleaning agents. Use anti-bacterial solutions to ensure that your baby remains healthy.

  • Comfort- A good quality dress should also enhance the comfort. There should not be too many embellishments, knots, buttons, ties, hooks, fastenings, etc. The dress should help your baby relax and be easy. The dress should also not be a hassle to put on and take off.

  • Price- The trick is to buy quality clothing at affordable prices. Spending too much can be an unwise decision, especially if the baby is going to wear the clothes for a small amount of time. Look out for sales and discounts. Many retailers also offer online shopping schemes that offer various discounts, cash back offers and free gifts. Be aware of these as they can help you shop appropriately without spending too much.

  • Color- Avoid dull colors like grey, brown, black, etc. Go for bright, vibrant and fun colors. Also, venture out of the pink and blue stereotypes. Clothes with flowers and bold prints are always found in the baby clothes section.

  • Season specific- The clothes bought should be season specific and the maximum amount of clothes should be for the major season in your region. This will help your child remain warm and at ease even in the harshest of climates.

  • Size- If your baby is growing up fast and you do not know of any way that his/her old clothes can be re-utilized, then always buy one size larger clothes. You can alter them to fit (like sew the cuff or hem) now and can take off the stitches when your baby grows. This will help save quite some money. Also, the size varies from store to store. Check out the size charts available to buy the size that suits your purpose.

Go shopping for babies with plenty of time on your hand so that you can make an informed decision after exploring all your choices. When it comes to buying anything for your baby, you always want to provide the best. So, knowing what your options are and what can be the best for your baby will definitely help you in this regard. Take advice from friends, relatives and family members who have experience in this regard.

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  1. i am always lost when i go shopping for baby clothes :) lost mostly on size :)