Baby DIY Photoshoot: First Six Months


I am a self-confessed photo enthusiast. I used to photograph lots and lots of flowers, critters, sunsets, landscapes and what-nots but ever since G was born, I focused my camera lens on this precious little angel.

I took this photo when my boy was a newborn. Hubby and I packed along our DLSR camera when we went to the hospital for the elective caesarean birth. We also brought along the baby basket and throw blanket with DIY newborn photography in mind. We had a blast documenting G's newbornhood. Just look how angelic he is while sleeping soundly and comfortably in the basket. Precious beyond words.

I took this photo on the day my boy turned one month old. This serves as a reminder for us how teeny tiny  G's fragile head used to be.

At 2 months old, comfortably sleeping on his baby carrier. Look how chubby his cheeks are! Too adorable for words. 

At 3 months old, having a happy time on his cot while watching his baby mobile. This is the time when he started to appreciate musical sounds and his eyes are constantly on the look out for moving objects.

At 4 months old, during his tummy time. Check out his big round eyes, long eyelashes and kissable soft lips. Not to mention his addictive baby breath! Oh, it makes me want to have another baby. Haha

At 5 months old, showing off his dimples he inherited from mama during our Christmas DIY family photoshoot. I love the fact the my boy has always been a happy baby. 

At half a year old, while having a good time playing with daddy's basketball which mommy used as props for his 6th month baby photoshoot. 

I always have fun doing DIY photoshoot with my boy but I have to say it takes a lot of patience and persistence to come up with a great shot. And may I add, it takes a good lighting too! How about you? Do you prefer engaging a professional photographer to photograph your kids?

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