Best Loved Family Portraits

We love taking family pictures! Here are my favourites from so many family portraits we have taken through the years. Let me know which one you love most. I had a hard time choosing which ones to post from my archives. They bring back gazillion beautiful memories, I think I am going to have them printed and framed one of these days. :)

Do you love taking family portraits too?


  1. I would print them all Che, hard to choose :) all so lovely and happy family pictures

  2. as I was scrolling down I was saying to myself aaahhh it would be easy to choose for you but as I saw photo from photo they all looked priceless...and all worth printing....:) and I love your beautiful family so much! :)

  3. psssstttt viewing this again and can not make up my mind still as to which is my favorite :)