Couple Time

If there is one thing M and I neglected after baby G was born, it is spending quality time together and doing what we used to love doing sans the kids. After arguing about lack of time for each other, we made up and made a pact to spend quality couple time at least once a week.

So last May Day, we left the kids right before their bedtime in the care of my mom and my aunt to watch Ironman 3. M and I used to watch good movies almost every week when K was still in the Philippines and no baby G yet. Doing it again after a long no-time-for-movies alibi is just precious. It's like we're back on dating and the hoity-toity factor was there. 

Before the movie screening, we indulged in some guilty pleasures while chatting about random things. Those undisturbed (by the kids) dad and mom moments are priceless. I highly recommend to all mommies and friends to go on a date with your partner once in a while. It is guaranteed to rejuvenate your relationship with your lifetime partner. 

Instant movie review: Ironman 3 is the bomb! There wasn't a single second that we were not entertained. Go watch it if you haven't!

*This is a scheduled post. I will be in motherlandia (thanks for the term Beth) by the time it is posted. Here's wishing you a great and blessed weekend with your love ones. 


  1. I am so glad you were able to make time for one another.

  2. pssssttttt love the Minnie and Mickey shirts! and super love seeing the twinkle in your of the things I loved in Iron Man was his sweetness to Pebbles (was it Pebbles?) hahahaha...."see what happens when you hang out with my exs?" hmmm I wonder what happens if I get to hang out with one of O's wehehehehe....stay marvelously inlove! :) yabyew!

  3. oh, so glad you and Mond had a great time enjoying your togetherness, just you two together on a date :) it's priceless and your picture together is sooo priceless, so full of joy. thanks to your mom and your aunt for giving you such time by taking care of baby G and K.