Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

Screenshot from Island Cove's website

My sister-in-law suggested Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park to us when we had our vacation in the Philippines last December school holidays. 

I googled the place and here's what I read from their About Us page: 
Island Cove has been known to be the pioneer in the tourism industry with respect to the introduction of a multitude of attractions that lure both local and foreign visitors. The existing facilities available to its guests are the Oceania Water Park, the Animal Island, the Bayside Live Music & KTV, the Adventure Zone, the Fishing Village and the Island Spa. Island Cove’s other well-loved trademarks include the outdoor giant chess set, the Play Ground and Concert Ground, just to name a few.

Due to time constraint and uncooperative weather, we only get to explore the Oceana Water Park and the Fishing Village. I will feature the latter in another blog entry.

K's been looking forward to a good splashing time. She's the happiest girl in the whole wide world when surrounded with water fun.

I did not intend to let G swim so I didn't bring a proper swimwear for him. Good thing I had ample of extra clothes in his baby bag. He had a great time playing with water in the toddler's pool at Kiddie Cove. It has a wading pool, slides, showers and fountains designed especially for young children.

Had I known we only went to Island Cove to swim, we could have gone in any a better resort closer to Manila. There's nothing fantastic about the Oceana Water Park. The inflatables aren't in best condition (I wonder how long it has been there) and the rest of the place is poorly maintained.

Pardon me for saying this but the public swimming complex in Singapore is so much better than this water park. I seldom give bad reviews but I just had to as I was really disappointed with the place itself and the service. Sure, the pool was huge but I didn't find anything exhilarating about it.

To make things clear, I am only talking about the Oceana Water Park. The rest of the place like the Fishing Village is worth exploring and deserves a thumbs up. If only the weather permitted us, we could have stayed longer and explored the Adventure Zone and the Animal Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

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