Family Journal: Weekend Highlights

Howdy? How have you been? How was your weekend? Come join me as I try to beat Monday blues by reminiscing the highlights of our weekend. 

Last Saturday, we brought K for the Music Talent Development Centre choir audition. She was recommended by her school along with two of her schoolmates. The audition went well, K did her best so we'll just have to wait for the results.

We travelled all the way from east to west for the said audition so before leaving the venue, we wandered around the Commonwealth Secondary School pond and found this lotus flower in full bloom. Too beautiful not to share, I posted it on Instagram without filter. Staring at it again makes me happy already. 

Sunday was spent lazily with G while K was busy revising for her mid-year exams. Brought him at the park in the morning but he wasn't in the mood for a stroll so I brought him back at home and played with him. At first, he turned our living area in a parking space for all his cars, buses, trucks and aeroplane (photo on my Instagram feed). After a no-brainer playtime with his wheeled bestfriends, he turned into his educational toys.

I got so worried when he refused to eat his lunch. He also ate very little for breakfast. His appetite has suddenly changed during the past few days. He used to eat without a fuss no matter what we feed him. Nowadays, he only likes eating grapes. Lots and lots of grapes.  I was anxious because he is starting to loose weight. Hubby told me to just relax and give him milk instead. 

I let him nap without eating lunch and gave him 240ml of Gain IQ. I was a bit relieved when he finished the whole bottle before drifting into slumberland. He slept for good 3 and a half hours and woke up feeling very jolly. I was extremely happy when I fed him supper because he ate a lot, though he still kept on sticking out his tongue whenever I attempt to feed him. 

It takes a lot of persistence and patience when dealing with kids but seeing my kids well-fed makes me feel like a millionaire.

Hubby to G: See how happy your mom is when you eat a lot?

Yes, I am shallow like that but I am glad that it's the things that money can't but that makes me really happy. How about you? What makes you extremely happy? 


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  1. that lotus flower is so beautiful Che, and glad G ate a lot for dinner, good luck to K. what makes me happy? almost everything :) life is too beautiful. though of course, i am not immune from feeling stressed sometimes, but i have learned how to breathe it in and breathe it out, over-all, life is sooooo beautiful and happiness is a choice, if we have contentment in the heart. thankfully for us, we take delight and happiness in such simple things and never on "if i only have this...or have that" :)

    happy week ahead.