Smart Casual

Do you remember the fashion emergency I posted here last week? Thank goodness I work near Orchard Road which is a famous retail hub in Singapore. It made my last minute shopping for smart casual attire very convenient. 

For the benefit of those who missed my previous post, my boss and his partner along with us (clinic staff) were invited to an Annual Appreciation Night by another specialist centre that we work closely with. I panicked because the dress code is smart casual/fun and the theme is masquerade. Pardon me for sounding like a broken recorder but my working clothes has always been boring. I took the opportunity to update my wardrobe and here's what I got for the occasion:

Red accesorries and blazer from H&M
Black lace blouse from Guess 
Red pants and sling bag from Mango
Black pumps from Rubi 

The fickle-minded me actually shopped two sets of smart casual attire, in case I change my mind on what to wear last minute which always happens. I decided to go for the Red and Black combination as it was more appropriate for the event. 

Fortunately, the feedback from family and friends were all positive when I posted the photo above in Instagram and FB. At first, I thought I was a bit over-dressed. I also predicted I would suffer from wearing pumps but surprisingly it was very comfortable, it didn't hurt my feet at all. Overall, the fun attire made me feel hot red and sexy. Talk about over-confidence which I only get once in a blue moon so please bear with me. :P

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  1. You look so great in your smart casual attire Che, nope, you are not overdressed at all, your wardrobe is really smart casual and you definitely rock it