Things to See and Do at MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Shalom! How was your May Day? I hope you had fun as much as we did. As usual, I tried to find a place that my family haven't been to. We are determined to explore all Singapore National Parks and Gardens and we're glad to tick off MacRitchie Reservoir Park on our list.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park serves as a gateway to the nature reserves. All I know about this park prior to the exploration is the well-known attraction HSBC Tree Top Walk, a 250m aerial free standing suspension bridge spanning Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang which are the two highest points in MacRitche. There is a nature trail at the park that leads you to the suspension bridge. 

Thanks to my student, I learned something more...

K: Where are we going, mommy?
Me: MacRitchie Reservoir Park
K: That's where Lim Bo Seng's tomb can be found, right?
Me: Huh? I don't know, sweetie. Who is Lim Bo Seng?
K: He is a war hero in Singapore. I learned about him in History.
Me: Really? I am glad you are learning a lot about Singapore history.

True enough, Lim Bo Seng's tomb was there. When K saw this sign, she said I told you so mommy, it's here!

This monkey greeted us upon alighting the taxi. There are plenty of them hanging around the Mushroom Cafe.

Yes, I made sure there's a place at the park where we could munch something just in case we get hungry from exploring. This is the only area too where we saw a restroom. I suggest you do your business here before heading to the nature trails.

The park is popular to nature lovers and exercise enthusiasts. See the lady jogging? We came across many joggers on our way to the nature trail. 

We stopped by this floating platform at the edge of the reservoir. I could lay manduka mats here for me and K to have an instant yoga session. It would be great sitting in yoga position right then and there while breathing in and breathing out. 

On another note, the water is breathtakingly beautiful! My water lover girl asked if there is an area for swimming. LOL. 

I can never get enough of the greens. It is very soothing to the eyes and soul. 

We finally reached the starting point of the nature trial and another monkey welcomed us. 

K and my mom walked ahead of us. 

I had to ask K to make a u-turn when I spotted this baby turtle. The boardwalk at the edge of the reservoir allows convenient exploration of freshwater wildlife. The curious K and G had a great time.

I couldn't stop appreciating on how beautiful and serene the place is. I just have to capture it with my camera lens.

Here's a good reminder to the park visitors. The sign says "Be mindful of the peace and quiet. It is only when you keep silent that you allow the sounds of the forest to enter."

The tranquillity of the place allowed me to reflect upon how blessed I truly am to be with mother nature. I love how some of the tree branches kisses the water. They are like curtains that sway elegantly in the cool breeze. 

I could sit here all day and just watch the beautiful world go by. It's a perfect place to de-clutter one's mind and just chillax.

The weather could have been perfect for a long stroll but it started to drizzle so we had to make u-turn. We met a couple of monkeys while walking back. 

This one in particular predicted he would be featured in the world wide web so he tried to put on a good show. G chuckled when it jumped at the tree branches and performed acrobatic movements while swinging back and forth. 

More monkey sightings when we reached Mushroom Cafe. This one's savouring a can of an isotonic drink. 

But this is what K raved about. A mommy monkey with a baby clinging onto her tummy as she climbs. At one moment, the baby monkey let go of her mum and tried to climb by itself but the over protective mommy monkey grabbed her and let her snuggle back to her tummy. We had so much fun watching them while waiting for a cab. 

So what's our take? Living in Singapore made us appreciate the abundance of clean drinking water. We have sustainable access to safe drinking water almost everywhere and for that we are very grateful. 

FYI: If you are looking for other things to do at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, you can try canoeing by renting a canoe from Singapore Canoe Federation. Call them at 63446337 for more details. They are closed on selected public holidays.
Additional info: You can download Sparks mobile app for free. It's a cool app where you can create interest groups, explore trails, locate parks, meet friends, get rewards and more.

Complete information about the park can be found HERE and HERE

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We will be back to explore the HSBC Tree Top Walk and the rest of the park when time and weather permits. 


  1. What a very beautiful park Che, so green and so serene, so relaxing. I love how they inform people how to listen to the sound of forest, very inspiring

  2. oh I super duper love all the photos! what a serene place and nature is such a great love love the smiles and the monkey shots! and the turtle looks so cute....K and G must have been thrilled! :)

  3. The only beautiful monkey I have ever seen... And oh there's a turtle over there! If only there is a river nearby our place, I should have send my turtle off, I felt pity for my pet, it needs a bigger world instead.

  4. Those monkeys looks very clean and friendly. It must be very relaxing to walk around there.

  5. My kind of place, nice scenery and cute monkeys. LOL

  6. The place looks really nice! Perfect for walks with the whole family.

  7. wow, that's a lovely park...our family will be happy to be there for sure! :) did you try the tree top walk, must be exciting! love that reminder, too...have a great week.