10 Things You'll Need for a Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

My overused motherhood phrase in this blog would have to be TIME FLIES TOO FAST. Who's mommy won't be able to relate with me? These kids just grow way too fast, right? Sigh.

My boy will be turning two in two months time. I wrote about his intimate Mickey Mouse themed first birthday celebrations a year ago but I just realize I failed to share with you the preparations we made to make his little party memorable.

Better late than never, so here it is...

If you are planning for a Mickey Mouse Theme party, here are the things you need to buy for you child's birthday celebration.

1) Mickey Mouse wall decorating kit and balloon bouquet (optional)

2) Mickey Mouse birthday cake (recommended)

3) Mickey Mouse candle (optional)

4) Mickey Mouse blow out (highly recommended, my boy had so much fun with this)

5) Mickey Mouse party set (optional)

6) Mickey Mouse 1st birthday paper plates, cups and invitation cards (optional)

7) Mickey Mouse fun straws

 8) Mickey Mouse plastic ear and Mickey Mouse onesie (optional)

9) Mickey Mouse shirts and Mickey Mouse ear headwear for family members (optional)

10) Mickey Mouse table cover (optional)

Most of the Mickey Mouse stuff featured here are bought from Party Stuff at Velocity, Novena Square. Cake is from Bengawan Solo, my boy's birthday costume is from a push cart at Century Square and our shirts are  from Giordano's Mickey collection.

Have fun planning and preparing for your kids' big day! 


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