Monster Live Rock Musical at Universal Studios

My sister's family was on a 5-day vacation here in Singapore. They arrived last Friday midnight and left on Wednesday midnight. We had a great time touring them around. On day 1, we brought them at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). USS is on my list of top 5 tourist destinations in Singapore. Just like Disneyland, it is a great place for kids and kids at heart.

One of the most memorable thing we did at USS was watch the Monster Rock, live rock musical. My music lover girl had a super-blast banging her head and dancing along with the lead rockstar who's having a great time himself with his great electric bass and amazing rockstar voice. Among the 11 of us (including baby G whose ears were covered by mommy's palms), K had the most fun. :D

Do you love rock music too?

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  1. That is great Che that your sister's family was able to visit you and your two families are able to explore wonderful Singapore together. I like rock but not the very heavy metal and very hard rock, but I like jamming to softer rock, one of my favorites is U2 which is rock band, i sing to their beat each time ( but not hitting the right notes)