Playgroup for Toddlers

We are planning to let G join a 2-Hour Programme known as playgroup (pre-nursery) in the neighbourhood next school year. The programme is expected to be beneficial. The many benefits of a toddler playgroup include social stimulation and language stimulation.

Does your child have first-hand experience in a playgroup? How did he/she cope up being separated from his/her parents/caregiver? Would you recommend other parents to let their toddlers join a playgroup? If yes, why? Care to share your thoughts?


  1. I think children learn much faster when allowed to socialize with others their age. Ours love to play with others.

  2. I would! It is best for the child to have early interaction with kiddos their age...until now my Roel complains when he wants to play with other kids and there are none in our er...we only have one neighbor here at the foot of the hill :)