Rock Climbing for Kids

K has always been sporty. I love the fact that she did not inherit my lazy and weak bones. She plays basketball and learns taekwondo in school. She loves jogging and exercising. She always look forward to her school sports day. I am so proud of her because at such a young age, she's living a healthy lifestyle and she is determined to stay fit and strong.

During their annual school camp last March, her school asked our consent for her to participate in rock climbing at SAFRA Toa Payoh. Since we will not be there with her, Mond and I declined to sign the parental consent form much to her disappointment because she was very keen to do the challenging activity. We had to explain to her that we will let her do rock climbing next time when we are there with her physically to cheer for her.

K rock climbing at Amber Rock Climb, Universal Studios Singapore
The right time has finally come and K was ecstatic. Along with her 3 cousins (all boys), she scaled the walls of The Lost World with our consent and climb all the way to the top during our recent visit at Universal Studios Singapore. I was amazed with K's stamina. She endured the tough rock climbing challenge and never gave up. Such a brave and strong girl!

I am one proud mama!

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  1. Wow!!!! I doubt that we could do that!! Hahaha you should really be proud of her... have I told you she looks like Kathrine Bernardo? Go Google if you don't know her :)