5 Inspirational Family Quotes

They’re as much a part of you as your collarbone or the cleft in your chin. Lovable, exasperating, funny, charming, infuriating and so much more: they’re your family. For some of us, living among or in the shadow of our relatives is one of life’s greatest pleasures; for others, it’s a nonstop challenge. No matter what your situation, here are seven inspiring truisms about family that you should keep in mind.

Quote #1 - “Family is your greatest hidden treasure.”
You grew up with them. All of your vacations are populated with images of brothers, sisters, mom, dad, aunts and uncles. As crazy or dull or ordinary as they may have seemed to you in your youth, the fact is that they represent home in the human sense. When times are tough, this wild assortment of men and women, young and old will take you in and care for you.

Quote #2 - “Family is your living scrapbook.”
Have you ever had a conversation with a sibling or other family member in which that person brings up an event in which you supposedly played a pivotal role? Yet, you have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever. In time and after much mental prodding, you are at last able to recall a glimpse of that particular incident. That’s when you realize that this unique and precious bit of your past would have been forever lost to you had it not been kept in the crucible of one of your family members’ memories.

Quote #3 - “If you want the unvarnished truth, go to your family.”
These are the people who still have pictures of you as a naked baby in the bathtub. They know the good, the bad and the ugly about you, and you have plenty of dirt about them as well. Therefore, if the time ever comes when you want an unsanitized opinion, your family should be your first choice. Just be ready to hear whatever it is they have to say.

Quote #4 - “Your family will challenge you to find your better self.”
This is another part of truth-telling. Although people in the outside world might believe your long list of reasons describing your inability or lack of talent in a specific area, your relatives will not buy your excuses. They might even challenge you publicly. While uncomfortable and embarrassing, you have to admit that it makes you think and forces you to stretch and grow in new directions.

Quote #5 - “Your family can be your most forgiving and challenging audience.”
As you were growing up, you experimented with several looks, identities and personalities. Your mom, dad, siblings and relatives became your de facto audience as you solidified your adult persona. Even now that you’re fully grown, there will continue to be times of great change and transition during which your family can bolster and challenge you. Never lose sight of this resource.

There you have it . . . five inspirational quotes that will change your life. The ties of love, loyalty and memory that bind us to those closest to us are very powerful. They can bring out our very best and our very worst qualities and push us to become more than what we would have been on our own. Small or large, biological or self-made, your family is precious. Enjoy it!

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  1. "Family is your greatest hidden treasure."- yes indeed :) I am missing weekend here..a time when our family is complete at home and just enjoying each other's company :)