Skinny Pizza (Plaza Singapura New Wing)

"It all started with our love for fresh produce and food that's cooked simply but perfectly and packed full of flavour. Served with healthy lashings of greens." ~ The Skinny Pizza Story

That said, there's no reason not to try Skinny Pizza. I have seen their outlet at Wheelock Place before when we went for lunch at Sun with Moon but never go the chance to satisfy my skinny pizza craving. So when I saw another Skinny Pizza outlet at the relatively new Plaza Singapura while dining at Dome Cafe, I told K we will eat there on our next Fridate.

So after K's chinese supplementary class few Friday's ago, we headed straight to Skinny Pizza which is just across Dome Cafe. Hubby decided to join us because he was jealous for not being able to join our past Fridates. He came just in time to help me choose what to order.

Here's what we had for a light dinner (home-cooked dinner waiting at home):

Seared Brie Cheese + Grilled Prawns with Cauliflower Couscous + 1/4 metre long Sausage
These 3 sides we choose are on a promotion. I can't remember though how much we paid for it. I raved about the seared brie cheese while K particularly liked the grilled prawns (it has sweet taste that's why) and the hubby devoured on the sausage (he liked the seared brie cheese too but I begged him to let me have it. LOL).

Smoked Turkey Swiss 
A perfect union of smoked turkey ham and piquant emmental cheese, served with a blueberry compote, rocket and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper. 

We all shared on this skinny pizza which we didn't expect to be really good and satisfying in-spite being so skinny and light. Very true, WHAT A CRACK it was! The crackling sound as you bite will progress into a crunching goodness in your mouth and the taste burst as it mixes with the light, healthy and yummylicious toppings. This Smoked Turkey Swiss is a must try! The blueberry compote blended really well with the rest of the toppings.

I have to say, Skinny Pizza has achieved their goal for their costumers not to get the uncomfortable feeling after eating a traditional pizza with thick crust and heavy cheese. It's mainly because of the perfect low-carb mix of super-thin crisp pizza base and great tasting, very light and healthy toppings.

For refreshment, we tried the new mixed berry tart mocktail but the hubby and K commented it tasted like G's toothpaste. LOL.

By the time we finished eating around 7pm, the queue outside was very long already. Good thing we went early otherwise I won't have the patience to wait too long before getting a table.

We will definitely come back again to try their other mouthwatering skinny, light and healthy pizza but not during peak hours. The food, ambiance and service were great. :D

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  1. hahahahaha tasted like K's toothpaste? hehehe, you know I have such a hard time making the boys brush their teeth...:D hmmm all the pizza you shared here is making me hungry....huhuhu though I just had lunch...psssttt what you ate for lunch twinzypotsy? grabe SM is fully loaded, I hardly have time to keep up visiting each post haha...walking here for bloginspiration hehe :) love yeww!!!