Smart Tips to Personalize Your Belongings

I don’t know about you but I love owning items that I know no one else will have. It makes me feel really unique and a little bit special. Not everything we purchase can be a one of a kind however. The following article lists some great way you can personalise your belongings.


This is obviously considering when you have not already got an item to work with. There are a variety of online sites that do customise printing for pretty much any item. There is the option for customisable clothes, glasses, mugs, postcards and the list goes on. Most of the sites will have built in layouts or the option to create your own. All you really need to do is decide on an image or a motto and upload it onto the page, select the product you want to customise and order it. You can get one or multiples, it’s up to you. This is great way for businesses to order customised promotion products with the company logo on them. You can also use Vistaprint stickers to personalise items you already own.


Just like with printing, there are many online options to select from. However, if you do know a thing or two about sewing or embroider, perhaps you have a friend that does, this is great way to personalise items you already own. You can simply put your initials on the item or design a logo for yourself. It’s all up to you.


If you are going to embroider jewellery, keep in mind it is best left for the professionals. It is quite hard to do and is not worth running your favourite necklace over. You can however get jewellery engraved. Add a personal message to a loved one or get your initials put onto a trinket. If you have done this before, by all means scratch onto the surface yourself but if you have never done this before its worthwhile investing a small amount of money to make sure the message is legible. After all you wouldn’t take the time to engrave it if it didn’t mean anything.

Get physical

Physical alterations are a really smart way to renew life into an item you haven’t used or needed in a while. A great example of this is turning your old laptop case into a rucksack. Some people just have a knack for imagination. They are able to infinite possibilities for items. This is the best way to personalise an item, make it yourself. No one else will have it. The best alterations take two old items and combined them together. Another great way to alter things is by removing items. Some great people with a passion for fashion will turn pants into shorts etc.


  1. I love making things my own.

  2. I used to turn my pants into shorts :) and I loved to embroider my name on my things :) gee come to think of it, I haven't done that in quite awhile...this inspires me to make my things and that of the kiddo's personalized :)