What Baby Clothes Should You Buy?

Planning ahead makes a big difference when you are shopping for baby clothes. Baby clothes will be changed a few times a day when you first bring your baby home so it is important to ensure that the clothes can be put on or taken off easily. Generally, soft, comfortable clothes make the best buys and remember to watch out for tags or seams which might irritate.

In terms of size, babies vary widely so it can be hard to choose the correct size at first. Newborn clothes tend to be outgrown quickly and some big babies may not even need this size at all. A good idea is to buy baby clothes in a few different sizes and then return anything the baby doesn’t end up wearing.

The amount of clothes you need to buy will depend on how much washing you tend to do each week.

Essential buys:

5-7 One-piece suits

These are useful for either sleeping or playing in, so they a make a good initial buy as your baby will most likely be napping a lot.

4-7 Shirts

Choose t-shirts with plenty of room around the neck, or snaps around this area so that the t-shirt can be easily pulled on or taken off. You may prefer a shirt with snaps around the crotch.

Leggings or trousers

Having separate bottom halves is a good idea, because it means you can change the baby if he or she gets clothes messy without having to take off the whole outfit. Ensure you buy clothes with expandable waist lines to fit over the baby’s nappy and stomach as he or she gets bigger.

1-2 Jumpers or cardigans

Choose a jumper or cardigan which buttons at the front as babies don’t usually take kindly to having things pulled over their head.

4-7 Sleepsuits

Choose simple sleep wear that is easy to get on or off.

2 or 3 Wearable blankets

Traditional blankets aren’t really safe for babies. Choose wearable blankets which zip over the baby’s sleepwear to keep them warm overnight.

1 Snowsuit

Having a snowsuit to hand for your baby is handy if he or she is born in the winter.

Socks and shoes

Have socks and bootees to hand in the colder weather. Be warned that your baby will pull them off and will probably chew their shoes!

How to dress your newborn:

Make sure you do not put your newborn in any clothes which wrap around the baby’s neck. Things like sequins, buttons, or other embellishments should be avoided. Ribbons and decorative items must be secured to the clothing. If these come off they could prove to be a choking hazard.

Choose clothes which fit your baby, as his or her comfort is paramount. Remember to open the necks of the clothing wide when taking off or putting the garment on, so it does not distress your baby. Remember also to guide your baby’s hands and feet through sleeves. Usually it is easiest to dress your baby on the floor or on the changing table. Talking or singing to baby as you get her dressed will help her to relax.

Other essential buys:

As well as clothes, there are a few other items you will need to have at your disposal. Nappies, a changing mat, a bath, a crib and a Moses basket are all useful buys. You also need to buy a baby car seat if you drive and to invest in a pram in which the baby can lie flat.

Enjoy shopping for your baby clothes and remember to savour every moment!


  1. It is fun dressing up babies! I loved dressing up Francis with wrestling suits when he was little because his body fit perfectly in them :) I remember Roel being hyped with his superhero costumes :D thanks for these awesome ideas! will share this to mommy friends...

  2. I am going through a problem. I have bought expensive kids baby clothes from Paris on a vacation but whenever I put it on my 2 year old son, he starts crying after 5 minutes. I know that stuff is irritating him, but that apparel is very expensive, I can’t throw is like that. What should I do about it? Any help would be appreciated!!