10 Healthy, Kid Friendly Travel Snacks

For those traveling parents with picky eaters

When you leave your home, you probably have a million things on your mind. Did you lock the front door? Did you close the garage? Did you pack all the snacks for the kids? Did you feed the cat? While I can't help you on all those accounts, I can help with the food portion. Whether you are just out and about or you are going on a 16-hour long road trip, your kids are bound to get hungry. You're probably a pro at packing snacks for yourself. Yogurt? Check. Starbucks drink? Check. You're good to go! But your kids are bit more picky when it comes to eating. They see those Golden Arches and immediately want a McDouble bad-for-you-burger. But don't worry. Here's a list of 10 super simple, and healthy, alternatives to curbing your kids' fast food cravings.

1. Cheese sticks. These are low in fat but tasty enough that kids think it's a real treat. Put it with a piece of fruit and your kids will go bananas. Literally!

2. Guacamole. You don't need a big bag of unhealthy chips. Simply pack some guacamole in a ziplock bag, cut off a corner, and let your kids squeeze the bag to get a tasty, healthy snack. Guacamole is rich in fiber and keeps your kids from getting hungry fifteen minutes after eating.

3. Veggies. I know, I know. Kids hate veggies. But give your kids some carrots and some low-fat ranch and they will eat it up in no time. Celery is also a great snack that is popular among the kiddos.

4. Dry cereal. This is perfect for kids because they love cereal and perfect for you because you don't have to deal with a milk spill. Some Cheerios in a baggie will make for one happy child.

5. Fruit. Never underestimate the power of a banana or some strawberries. Even though fruit has sugar in it, it's the good kind of sugar. Beware of apples, though. These will give your kids a huge boost of energy. Don't say I didn't warn you!

6. Trail mix. Don't go buying the chocolate-y goodness trail mix bag. Stick with the granolas, chex pieces, and dried fruit combos. This is a healthy alternative for your kids to chow down on.

7. Granola bars. These are packed with fiber so they will fill your kids up in no time.

8. Nuts. Not all kids are fans of nuts but if you try out different types, they might find they are partial to say pecans rather than almonds.

9. Popchips. Such a better alternative to regular potato chips or cheetos. These are air-popped potatoes that are super healthy and come in all sorts of fun flavors.

10. Water, water, water. Stop drinking sodas and energy drinks. These will only make your kids crave bad food even more. Stick with water. If your kids are sick of water, try adding some all natural flavor packets in a bottled water.

There are tons of different ways you can pack your snacks. Try some healthy DIY recipes instead of spending all your cash on food during your road trips.

About the author: With a passion for home decor and a love for puppy dogs, Carly loves to blog about these subjects for Forward Home Security.

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  1. i was probably one of the few kids during my time who thrived on veggies, but yes, a lot of kids hate them.