4 Apps to Help Moms

Apps have become part of every day reality for most people. Most people own smart phones and depend of apps for every day things. No one looks at a paper map any more now that we have GPS on our smart phones. No one waits for the weather report on the radio now that there is an app that will give you instant and accurate updates at anytime. Apps have rendered these things and so much more useless. Here are a few apps that will help moms in their every day lives with their kiddos!

Have you ever been at the grocery store, doctor’s office, or anywhere and your little one is fidgety, wining, or just wont be quiet. For only $7.99 a month you can never have this problem again! The Netflix app has instant streaming of every show a kid could possibly like. This app will and can keep your little one busy for hours! Next time you are trying to talk with pharmacist about your husband new medication your little one wont be screaming for candy or wining because they are bored because they will be sitting in the chair watching Up or Dora. Netflix have a huge variety of kid’s movies and TV shows. It has an even bigger variety of grown-up shows and movies for when you and your husband want to watch something.

2.Cozi Family Organizer
Cozi is the perfect all-in-one app for moms who are busy and need help organizing. This app allows you to personalize it to fit your families’ needs. You start by setting up your profile of every member of your family with their names, ages, and other information that will help you organize. With this app you can set every single activity and appointment you have with who needs to go with you and reminders prior to the engagement. This app allows you to make to-do lists with reminders of what still needs to be done. This app also has a feature that lets you make shopping lists and easily mark off items as you are walking through the store. You can also keep a journal of all your families’ updates for others to see.

3.Snip Snap Coupon App
Snip Snap is the perfect app for moms that are always on the go in and out of 100 different stores getting all the things that they need. The app is by far the most useful and successful coupon app available at this time. Snip snap is so easy that all you have to do it take a picture of your coupons and the app instantly turns the pictures into details and an easy to scan barcode on your screen to pull up later at the store. This app is so nifty that as you walk into a certain store it will remind you of any coupons you have for that specific store. You can also network with friends and family members who also use this app and see what coupons they have and maybe even use a couple of them.

Alarm.com in an app used by Smith Monitoring to run their home security systems.Smith Monitoring is a company that specializes in DeSoto home security and home security system Austin. One of the coolest and most useful features on this app is the ability to control your homes thermostat, lights, and appliances right from the app. This is perfect for moms who always have their hands full with children and don’t have time to run down stairs to change the thermostat or turn around after leaving home because they forgot to turn on the porch light.

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  1. Wow, what cool apps for the modern mom! the organizer and the alarm apps are what fascinates me most!